Night to Shine

We participated in Night to Shine again this year and it was even more spectacular than it was last year. Let’s thank our ladies for being involved in making this night, one to remember for the guests of honor.


  • A big thank you to Liza Henley, for volunteering her efforts for the set-up and take down of this prom night event. She worked tirelessly putting together flower arrangements and setting up decorations.
  • A warm round of applause to Danielle Dron, Candy Baylor, Andrea Spalding, and Melissa Lewis for volunteering as buddies for the special guests. They spent their evening everywhere from on the dance floor to playing checkers with their dates.
  • A big hand for Janna Skipper, who worked as a therapist in the melt-down rooms. She exercised calming patience and kindness for the guests who were a little overstimulated by the larger-than-life evening.

Being a part of such a special evening for such deserving earnest souls is what Woodstock Juniors is all about. We love bringing a little more joy into the world and this night was no exception. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Time Tebow Foundation for bringing this event to us and allowing us to participate year after year. It is truly one of the best nights of the year.